This website is a restructured online version of TOHOKU HOUSE, which was held from July 22 to August 7, 2021, at Akiba_Square.

TOHOKU HOUSE will convey "our gratitude to those who supported Tohoku from all over the world” on the occasion of the 10th memorial year of the Great East Japan Earthquake. TOHOKU HOUSE is also a limited-time information center where people all over the world can experience "the Tohoku region’s energetic reconstruction process and the renewed sense of security in the area” and "the charm of the tourist destinations of the Tohoku region that cannot be experienced in other parts of Japan".
We hope that the COVID-19 situation will be resolved as quickly as possible, and we are looking forward to welcoming you to TOHOKU HOUSE with all the measures we can take to prevent infection so that you can visit us with peace of mind.



Towards tomorrow

Experience the video installation as it is seen in the venue. Using a smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy 180-degree video.

You can have a look at the venue during the “physical edition”!

Walkthrough of the venue

Digest for Each Day

Opening ceremony

On the program "CATCH JAPAN" (NHK WORLD-JAPAN / jibtv), which conveys the charm and information of Japan overseas, the state of the event from July 22nd to August 7th and the virtual exhibition experience were broadcast.
* English narration with Japanese subtitles (time 5`57).

Expressing our gratitude for all the reconstruction support

"Gratitude" for the support that has been provided from around the world, many figures related to earthquake disaster reconstruction, and the smiles that have returned to the public's faces will be the key words for this presented with panels and graphics.

Infographic walls

(Reconstruction support and Situation data)

The damage situation, supports from all over the world, and information related to reconstruction will be introduced with graphs and more.

Panels of gratitude

(Messages from those who work on the reconstruction)

Messages of gratitude from locals will be showcased with photographs and images. A variety of elements and episodes from reconstruction will be communicated.

The "Earthquake remains by 8K images"

A video of 8K images telling the story of the remains of the earthquake produced for the purpose of preventing the memory of the Great East Japan Earthquake from fading and a fixed-point observation video of the disaster area taken immediately after the earthquake will be screened.

The “Relics of the Great East Japan Earthquake” area

A map of Relics of the Great East Japan Earthquake that connects the earthquake disaster remains and exhibition facilities in the area affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake will be posted.

Great East Japan Earthquake Media library

(Featured articles from local newspapers)

A variety of articles published by local newspapers after the Great East Japan Earthquake will be shown, with the goal of keeping the memories of the disaster from fading.


Spreading the charm of the Tohoku region throughout the world.

We will introduce the charm of the area by offering images of local resources from rich nature and traditional/cultural workshops.

Contents to spread the charm of the Tohoku region
「The View from TOHOKU & NIIGATA」

This original work of TOHOKU HOUSE was produced by WOW who was born in Sendai and is active around the world. Images with the theme of "the four seasons", such as the natural scenery of Tohoku and Niigata and summer festival images that make full use of motion graphics (CG), will be screened on a huge 180-degree panoramic screen. This is the first ambitious work to challenge the technologies by mounting a 360-degree camera on a large drone to shoot landscapes and synthesizing (stitching) multiple images into 180-degree images.

Digest Movie

Learn how to make traditional crafts from the Tohoku region

(Displays and lessons about traditional crafts)

You can try your hand at making traditional crafts from the Tohoku region.
About 130 traditional crafts will also be on display.

Experience the liquor and food of the Tohoku region

(Tasting Sake and local foods/exbition of sake)

Through tasting and sampling sake and other local products that the Tohoku region is proud of, visitors will be able to experience the region’s food culture and help dispel harmful rumors about it. There will be sake from 210 sake breweries from the region on display at the event.

Snow experience from the Tohoku region

(Indoors / outdoors)

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of snow which is one of tourism resources symbolic of the Tohoku region virtually through VR images in mid-summer Tokyo. In addition, a real snow experience will be available for a limited time.

Promotion day by each prefecture

(Events and PR by each municipality)

Events named “●● Prefecture (City) Days” for each municipality will be held for 2 days in the event space inside the venue.

Sightseeing information

(Comprehensive tourist information guide by guide-interpreter and TOHOKU HOUSE AI Tourism Assistant)

Stationed concierge and AI concierge will provide wide-area sightseeing information and access information for the Tohoku region.

"TOHOKU HOUSE AI Tourism Assistant" will be service has been terminated as of September 30, 2021 (Thursday).
Thank you very much for using this service.


Facing the local future

Introduction of the efforts taken by corporations and organizations towards our “Tomorrow” in the Tohoku region.
(Gold Sponsor booth)

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List of sponsoring companies and organizations